The Bills and 49ers will play in Arizona on Monday Night Football due to COVID-19 restrictions in Santa Clara County. Got it? Don’t worry about it. We’re just here to put together a good DraftKings Showdown lineup, and we’ve found a way to play all four of Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Raheem Mostert and Deebo Samuel, which should hopefully lead to DFS glory.

It all comes down to a value play in Isaiah McKenzie and a captain that’s a mid-tier receiver, Gabriel Davis. If those two plays work out, the other four studs should carry our lineup to a big day in the MNF nightcap.

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DraftKings Showdown Picks: 49ers vs. Bills

Captain (1.5x price, 1.5x points): WR Gabriel Davis, Bills ($8,700)

With John Brown (ankle) still on IR, Davis gets to operate as a main outside receiver in the Buffalo offense. A week ago, that meant three catches for 79 yards and a touchdown. Especially with some worries about Stefon Diggs against Richard Sherman, Davis is the right kind of value captain play.

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FLEX: QB Josh Allen, Bills ($11,600)

You can’t afford to fade Allen here because even if he doesn’t dominate with his arm, he can add a ton of points with legs. Allen could fail, but we’re not willing to take that chance.

FLEX: WR Stefon Diggs, Bills ($10,800)

Diggs has a history of getting shut down by Richard Sherman, but this is the best we’ve ever seen Diggs play and Allen is a different quarterback than Kirk Cousins. It’s not guaranteed to work, but Diggs should still get targets, which should still lead to some production.

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FLEX: RB Raheem Mostert, 49ers ($9,600)

Mostert might be the fastest running back in the NFL, and while Buffalo has a solid run defense, it only takes one play for Mostert to pay off in a big way. The 49ers didn’t ease him back from an ankle injury last week, as he saw 16 carries, and he should get 15-plus touches again.

FLEX: WR Deebo Samuel, 49ers ($8,800)

Samuel rarely is targeted down the field, but coming off a 13-target game, he’s a dynamic weapon that you will want in your lineup. Getting Samuel and Mostert means that we have a good chance of hitting on the 49ers’ big plays, and big plays can make or break a Showdown lineup. 

FLEX: WR Isaiah McKenzie, Bills ($200)

McKenzie gets in another one of our Showdown lineups as a supreme value play. He caught a touchdown earlier this year for us on a pop pass, and he usually gets at least a few touches per game as a gadget player, which is more than anyone else at this price can say. 

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